Referral Program

Refer us to a friend and receive €10 in cash for every friend who purchases a phone + your friend will receive a free phone case for their new phone. Terms

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How it all works

Step 1

Tell your friends about GGSend.

Step 2

When your friend is placing an order get them to enter your email address in the Add note section of their Cart.

Step 3

You will receive €10 in the post or via PayPal + your friend will receive a free phone case for their new phone. We will contact you by email to get your address or PayPal email.

Step 4

Refer more friends and receive more €10's. There is no limit to the amount of people who you can refer.

Who can participate in the GGSend referral program?

Anyone who has previously made a purchase off GGSend is eligible to participate.

I've refered a friend, and they've purchased a smartphone. Why don't I have my referral reward?

It may take up to 30 days after your friend purchases a device with your referral email address before your reward is received. You will get a notification email when your reward is sent.

Can my friend use multiple referral email addresses?

Your friend may only use one referral email address when purchasing from GGSend. However, there is no limit to the amount of people that can use a single email address. So, share, share, share!

Is there a limit to the amount of people I can refer?

There is no limit to the amount of people you can refer. You will receive €10 for each friend you successfully refer. The more friends you refer the more €10's you will receive.


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